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About Us

Kapon Defense was founded in 2013 by Maj. Avi Kapon, one of Israel's top counter-terror experts with a vision of providing top level security and security training to military and civilian professionals as well as private citizens.  Kapon Defense is certified by the Israeli Internal Security Ministry, Israeli Police and Israeli Ministry of Defense.  



With several locations around the country, Kapon Defense is uniquely placed to provide security needs in a wide variety of situations and locations in a discreet fashion.  Keeping you and your team safe is our priority.



At Kapon Defense, we take instruction seriously. We believe that by training hard and using the most advanced tactics and strategies, you and your team will be prepared to handle the security challenges of tomorrow. 

Your Security is our Priority


SACRIFICE  For our country, people and protectees we'll give everything.


PROFESSIONALISM  Our Craft demands complete dedication to always improving and adapting.


LOYALTY No one is left behind. 

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