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/// About Kapon Defense

Kapon Defense was founded in 2013 by Maj. Avi Kapon, one of Israel's top counter-terror experts with a vision to provide top level security and training to military and civilian professionals as well as private citizens.  Kapon Defense is certified by the Israeli Internal Security Ministry, Israeli Police and Israeli Ministry of Defense. 


Maj. Avi Kapon (Res.)

CEO and Founder

Avi is one of Israel's leading counter-terror experts with years of experience as Chief Combat Instructor for the IDF Counter-Terror Academy, Airports Authority, Ministry of Defense-Border Crossing Authority & Israeli Prime Minister's Jerusalem Security. Avi currently serves in the IDF reserves both as a commander & instructor for special forces units.

Maj. Haim B (Res.)

Head of Special Units  and Sniping 

Haim served for 22 years as a fighter and a commander in

the Special Police Unit- Yamam, an Israeli counter-terrorism

unit.  Yamam is considered the best SWAT team in the world. He participated and won twice in the prestigious Urban

Shield international homeland security competition winning first place.

Maj. Dovev Pe'er (Res.)

Department of Tourism Manager

Dovev is a company commander in the IDF Paratroopers reserves and is considered one of the unit's top commanders and instructors.  Dovev instructs a wide range of skills necessary for elite combat soldiers including open field  and urban navigation and survival.  Dovev is also a certified Israeli tourguide.

Sgt. Anatoly Taranov (Res.)

Head Combat Instructor

​Anatoly is a dedicated combat warrior with years of experience both in the IDF and Israeli police.  He is a top-level instructor in both weapons and hand-to-hand combat.  Anatoly is a certified Senior Instructional Officer for the Israel Police Authority.  Terrorists would not like to meet him in a dark alley - or anywhere else.

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